Our Team

Dale Brown

Dale has been President of Moriah Resources, Inc. since its inception in 1992 and President of Petroleum Strategies, Inc. since he co-founded it in 1991. He has been an independent oil producer and businessman with extensive experience in the oil industry, financial consulting, and real estate investment ventures. He currently serves as President of Petroleum Strategies, Inc., which provides consulting services and acts as Qualified Intermediary in Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange transactions. The company has come to be recognized as the leader in the industry facilitating $40 billion in real property transactions. Dale is a retired certified public accountant with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Pepperdine University. Dale was formerly a trustee for Abilene Christian University and currently serves on the Board of Regents for Pepperdine. As a principal of Moriah Investment Partners, together with Cary Brown, Dale has invested more than $[100]mm in a variety of real estate projects across the United States.

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